EU Citizenship & Immigration Permit


Naturalisation & Immigration Permit by Investment

Attracting foreign direct investment is at the heart of Cyprus’ development strategy, as it represents a key driver for economic growth, amidst today’s constantly changing international environment. In line with this policy, the Cyprus government has introduced two schemes for granting foreign investors Cypriot Citizenship and Immigration Permit to Cyprus.

All relevant information about the two schemes can be found in the sections below, as well as in our brochure entitled:

Make Cyprus your Home, available both in English and Chinese


For further details on the application process, please visit the website of the Ministry of Interior at


EU citizenship program comparison with other countries

Country Cyprus Malta Latvia UK Spain
Result EU Passport EU Passport EU passport  EU Passport EU Residency for 5 years
Exams No No Latvian language and history   English language  No
Time to obtain passport 6 months 12 – 14 months 6 years 6 years 10 years
Amount of investment 2.000.000 500.000 (or 150.000 plus rent of a property for minimum 16.000 for 5 years) 250.000 2.000.000 500.000
Donation 650.000 (plus 50.000 for every adult family member and 25.000 for every minor)
Duration for investment to be kept 3 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Assets Bonds or Securities of Cyprus companies or Real estate or Business Bonds and Real estate Real estate Bonds or Securities of a UK company (75%) and Real estate or Deposit (25%) Bonds or Real estate or Business
Physical residence No 6-12 months No Not to be absent for more than 450 days within first 5 years and not more than 90 days within the 6th year Yes
Dual citizenship Yes Yes No Yes No
Visa free travel, Residence and Work permit in EU


Unlimited Unlimited Free travel in Schengen countries, Residence in Latvia, No working permission Residence in the UK, No working permission Free travel in Schengen countries, Residence in Spain, No working permission